Tissue Renewal Treatment

Facing debilitating pain and impaired mobility due to joint or soft tissue injuries? Elixir is proud to bring you our revolutionary Tissue Therapy that taps into your body’s innate healing capabilities, effectively repairing damaged tissues and restoring optimal function.

Our Tissue Therapy offers an innovative, non-surgical treatment option that helps accelerate recovery from various joint and soft tissue injuries. Egg, harvested from your own body, are injected into the injury site, where they proliferate and differentiate into specialized cells, aiding the natural healing process.

Non-surgical, minimally invasive approach
Utilizes your body’s own healing cells for maximum compatibility
Reduces inflammation and promotes tissue regeneration
Speeds up recovery from joint and soft tissue injuries
Can help alleviate chronic pain and improve mobility
Suitable for a range of conditions, including arthritis, tendonitis, ligament sprains