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Introducing Elixir Wellness the best skin care clinic in India, a pioneering establishment that stands unrivaled in its innovative blend of health, wellness, beauty, aesthetics, and anti-aging solutions.

By synthesizing state-of-the-art scientific advancements in medical wellness, genomics, , and aesthetics, we have developed a holistic approach that caters to your overall well-being, establishing a new gold standard in the realm of integrated wellness.



Elixir is revolutionizing the way we approach health, wellness, and self-care by seamlessly integrating diverse disciplines and offering a one-stop destination for those seeking to improve their quality of life.

As the firstever center of its kind, Elixir Wellness is committed to delivering the most cutting-edge and effective treatments for both inner health and outer beauty.


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As the best skin care clinic in india we use innovative technology to bring health to healthcare and wellness. We proudly associate with non-invasive US-FDA approved machines to cater to your needs, more than 15 centres and nearly assisting 1,00,000 customers across India to improve the health of their clients and their bottom line.

The company’s award-winning solutions include private health records, customized plans, revenue cycle management, practice management, document management, care management, emergency department information systems and homecare solutions.

The Elixir Octave

Optimize ular health and boost energy levels with oxygen therapy.
Vitamin Therapy
Replenish your body with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants through targeted infusions for optimal health.
Elevate your appearance with cosmetic procedures, advanced skincare treatments, body sculpting and cutting-edge beauty technologies.
Experience the healing effects of heat and cold therapies to enhance recovery, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation.
Unlock the benefits of personalized nutrition plans and supplementation to support overall wellness and ular health.
Harness the power of light therapy to rejuvenate skin, accelerate healing, and improve mood.
Regenerative stem therapies to promote healing, restore tissue function, and reverse the signs of aging.
Improve strength, endurance, and mobility through tailored programs

The Elixir Octave, our innovative elements map stands out as a one-of-a-kind wellness strategy designed to encompass the diverse range of therapies by seamlessly integrating a range of disciplines, ensuring a holistic journey towards improved health, vitality, and well-being.

Receive expert advice tailored to your unique needs, goals, and profile, ensuring the most effective and customized approach to your wellbeing. Each of the eight components plays a crucial role in enhancing your physical, mental, and aesthetic wellness, working synergistically to deliver unparalleled results.

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What people say

My entire experience at Elixir – from the professional Doctor to the experienced technicians, to the very relaxed first visit in a comfortable, spacious room, to home visits later, and finally to the wonderful Tanya herself – was delightful.

I see an improvement in my skin and hair after doing the treatment. Keep up the great work Team Elixir!


Amazing first experience with Elixir wellness at home and was very impressed at how seamless they made it right from making the appointment to the technician coming home. Finding my vein which is normally very difficult but the way it was executed, the hygiene levels, everything was amazing.

During this time, it was painless, I am a little needle phobic but I honestly didn’t feel the needle or any prick or any pain. For the duration of 20 minutes, I had my pulse and oxygen levels checked. I was very impressed & felt energetic. I have to do a few sessions but very well executed & definitely coming back!

Natasha Dotiwala

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Elixir for their thorough consultation and suggesting the perfect vitamin and Glutathione drip.

After 3 weeks of having the drip I’m free from all arthritic pain in my body, and particularly my hands. I feel more energetic and my skin is glowing.
I will definitely have another session before going home to UK.

Anis Lalani

Elixir has been a blessing for my skin! Stubborn pigmentation and acne scars have definitely reduced and added a glow to my skin.

Tanya and the team are extremely professional and warm! Glad to have elixir as part of my routine 😊

Lokashi Aggarwal


We offer individual tests as prescribed by our in-house doctors as well as other packages.

In-store Offers

Fat Loss

Achieve your desired body with different fat loss programs offered by Elixir and get a 15% FLAT off on Packages

Infrared Sauna

Experience a soothing and rejuvenating treatment that helps in detoxifying and healing of the body and also aids in weight loss only for ₹20,000/- for 10 sessions.

Full Body Cryotherapy

Treat yourself with whole body cryotherapy that promotes overall wellness, enhances recovery and supports fat loss only ₹30,000/- for 10 sessions.

Crystal Light

Witness remarkable skin transformation with the revolutionary LUMINIR Crystal Light only at ₹20,000/- for 3 sessions.

Laser Hair Reduction

Get UNLIMITED SESSIONS on full body laser hair removal for one year on two different machines. Soprano Ice Platinum – ₹1,20,000/- and NDR Laser – ₹80,000/-

Medi - Facials

Get any 5 Medi-facials tailored specially to address your skin concerns, only for ₹30,000/-


Monsoon Magic

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