The PCOS Elixir

The Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Elixir contains ingredients that are targeted at helpingrestoring the balance of hormones in the body and helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle. PCOS can cause havoc through the system with symptoms ranging from acne, irregular periods,insulin resistance, hair loss, mood swings, insomnia and tons more. Our Elixir helps regulate balance […]

The Post Partum Elixir

Our post partum elixir is breastfeeding safe. It provides vitamins and micronutrients to new moms to help them tackle nursing, the mood changes, the physical changes and the exhaustion that come with being a new mom. This elixir targets pigmentation including butterfly pigmentation and post partum skin changes, excessive hair fall, slow metabolism, mood changes […]

The Hangover Cure Elixir

A fun night doesn’t have to equal a miserable day ahead. Detox your liver and your body with a powerful antioxidant – glutathione, while our B complex restores your energy level, and your hydration gets a boost too. Plus we can add in meds for nausea and a stomach bug depending on how you feel. […]

The Jetlag Elixir

Being on a long light means that your immune system needs a boost, as does your body – to combat jetlag! We have the solution with our jetlag fighting elixir that is made from Saline, and tryptophan – the amino acid that makes your body’s melatonin and helps you feel sleepy after a big meal […]

The Energy Elixir

Vitamin B is an energizing antioxidant, and our IV cocktail for fatigue harnesses the best of it. IVsmake a huge difference in the quality of your life is you are someone with fatigue, chronic fatiguesyndrome, illness or other conditions. IV therapy rehydrates the body with premium electrolytes,vitamins and minerals. These ingredients provide symptom relief and […]

Sports Reboot Elixir

For an athlete, or even someone who regularly works out – we have a mix that is pre-workout and post-workout approved and is aimed at reducing lactic acid build up in the body, hydrating the body and reducing the chance of muscle cramps. Primarily our drips help you rehydrate efficiently: athletes lose a lot of […]