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Explore the world of biohacking at Elixir Wellness, where we incorporate cutting-edge techniques to enhance recovery, boost metabolism, improve performance, elevate libido, and strengthen immunity.

Our innovative approach to biohacking is designed to optimize your body’s natural processes, enabling you to reach new heights in overall health and vitality.

Bio Markers

Introducing Biomarkers Testing at Elixir Wellness, a comprehensive and personalized approach to understanding your health and wellness through the analysis of vital biomarkers in your blood.

Our expert clinical team examines a wide range of biological indicators to provide insights into your current health status, identify potential risk factors, and offer tailored recommendations for optimizing your well-being.

Comprehensive insights into your overall health and wellness

Identification of potential health risks and early detection of diseases

Tailored recommendations for lifestyle, nutrition, & wellness interventions

Enhanced understanding of your body’s unique biological processes

Support for optimal immune system function

Empowerment to make informed decisions about your long-term health

Promotion of personalized and proactive healthcare

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Physiotherapy & Pain Management

Unleashing Mobility and Enhancing PerformanceWelcome to a world where pain doesn t limit your potential…

Medical Cupping

Medical Cupping at Elixir Wellness promotes healing and alleviates pain Our skilled practitioners employ the…

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage at Elixir Wellness optimizes lymphatic function supports detoxification and enhances overall wellness Our…

Local Cryotherapy

Local Cryotherapy is a therapeutic technique that involves exposing specific areas of the body to…

Sports Massage

Sports Massage at Elixir Wellness supports athletes and active individuals in achieving peak performance promoting…

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic Adjustments at Elixir Wellness restores balance alleviates pain and enhances overall wellness Our skilled…


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We offer individual tests as prescribed by our in-house doctors as well as other packages.

In-store Offers

Fat Loss

Achieve your desired body with different fat loss programs offered by Elixir and get a 15% FLAT off on Packages

Infrared Sauna

Experience a soothing and rejuvenating treatment that helps in detoxifying and healing of the body and also aids in weight loss only for ₹20,000/- for 10 sessions.

Full Body Cryotherapy

Treat yourself with whole body cryotherapy that promotes overall wellness, enhances recovery and supports fat loss only ₹30,000/- for 10 sessions.

Crystal Light

Witness remarkable skin transformation with the revolutionary LUMINIR Crystal Light only at ₹20,000/- for 3 sessions.

Laser Hair Reduction

Get UNLIMITED SESSIONS on full body laser hair removal for one year on two different machines. Soprano Ice Platinum – ₹1,20,000/- and NDR Laser – ₹80,000/-

Medi - Facials

Get any 5 Medi-facials tailored specially to address your skin concerns, only for ₹30,000/-


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