Sports Massage

Sports Massage at Elixir Wellness supports athletes and active individuals in achieving peak performance, promoting recovery, and enhancing overall wellness. Our skilled massage therapists employ a combination of deep tissue, stretching, and pressure techniques tailored to your unique needs, focusing on alleviating muscle tension, improving flexibility, and addressing sports-related discomfort.

Relief from muscle soreness, tension, and discomfort
Improved range of motion, flexibility, and joint mobility
Enhanced blood circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues
Accelerated recovery from sports injuries and muscle fatigue
Support for injury prevention and overall body balance
Promotion of relaxation and stress relief
Boosted athletic performance and endurance
Medical Cupping targets a variety of wellness and recovery-related conditions such as:
Muscle soreness, fatigue, and sports injuries
Postural imbalances and muscle tightness
Recovery from intense physical activity or athletic performance
Pre- and post-event preparation and recovery
Support for training regimens and performance enhancement