Normatec –°ompression Therapy

NormaTec Compression Therapy at Elixir Wellness enhances muscle recovery and promotes circulation. The compression system utilizes patented PULSE technology to apply dynamic pressure along your limbs, mimicking the natural muscle pump of your body and promoting efficient blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Accelerated muscle recovery and reduced soreness
Enhanced lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins
Improved blood circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues
Relief from muscle tightness and tension
Reduced swelling and inflammation
Promotion of relaxation and stress relief
Support for post-workout recovery and sports performance
Normatec Compression Therapy targets a variety of wellness and recovery-related conditions such as:
Muscle soreness, fatigue, and sports injuries
Poor circulation and venous insufficiency
Stress, anxiety, and mood imbalances
Athletic performance enhancement and recovery
Support for detoxification and cleansing programs